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What To Wear With Converse


What Can You Wear  With Converse

Converse shoes have been been on fashion for quite a long period of time compared to other types of shoes. The comfort that comes with these shoes has even made  them so popular in the fashion industry. Both men and women can wear converse shoes You can wear them with shorts, suits, skinny jeans, straight fit jeans, with cargo pants. They come in various colors hence giving you a wide selection.
What To Wear With Converse

Step 1: For Men ,you can wear converse shoes with baggy jeans and t-shirts. This is one of the ways  musicians wear converse shoes. This style looks cool when you wear ankle high converse shoes. Simply play with colors to look smart. Wear a white fitting t-shirt with baggy denim blue jeans and red converse shoes

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Step 2 : Women. You can wear converse shoes with skinny jeans. This is the easiest and usual way of wearing converse shoes.  I have see celebrities wearing converse shoes with skinny jeans and cardigans. In this case you will just play with colors to get that elegant look. For example, you can wear a black skinny jeans with a white top, and a grey cardigan, then wear black converse with white sole, you can as well wear a matching scarf.

Step 3: Women, you can as well wear converse shoes with a dress. To some people this will sound crazy because dresses are commonly matched with heels, pumps, flat sandals but not converse. You can wear ankle high converse shoes with a short casual dress, do not wear long gown dresses with converse shoes. Choose a dress which looks casual and short then wear your ankle high converse shoes. Make sure you match colors very well, just like the lady below. She wore black converse with a black short dress.

You can as well wear converse shoes with boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt, just play it simple.


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Also the guy wore his grey chino pants with grey converse shoes and a black t-shirt which matches with the grey chino pants.

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