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What To Wear With Booties


What Can You Wear  With Booties

Just like ankle boots, booties will look good with trendy clothes. You can wear booties with pencil skirts, with skinny jeans, with leggings , with dresses and with flared pants. Booties have been made so common by top celebrities and so many women have got into wearing booties, though many do not even know how to wear booties. Learn What To Wear With Booties

What To Wear With Booties

Step 1: You can wear your booties with quarter pants, since booties stop above the ankle, and the quarter pant stops just 2 inches below the knees, then booties will be the best shoes for such an outfit. In the photo below , in the middle you see Beyonce wearing a light khaki quarter pant with a sleeveless white top, and a golden belt over the pants matched with golden booties. And the lady on the right she wore the same booties in a black color with short leather skirt and a white top.

I also like the lady on the left, she wore black booties with a tight casual dress, the black and white pattens matched well with the black booties.

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Step 2: You can as well wear black leggings with booties, black will match with any thin. Simply wear a dress shirt over the leggings and wear a cardigan over the dress shirt, wrap a square scarf  which matches with the dress shirt, then wear your booties.

Step 3: You can also wear booties with denim shorts. This a free style and simple way you can wear booties. Simply wear a denim short with a white long sleeved top and a square scarf which has colors which match with the all out fit. Now wear black booties, because black matches with both the white top and denim short.

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