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When To Wear White Socks


White socks are dress socks that need proper management  to keep them clean all day .They’re worn by women, men and children at different occasions and time of the day.Women  and children wear white socks  more than men with casual dress shoes, casual outfits. Men wear white sock really  with fears of  keeping it tidy all time except with sports dress shoes.School  all over the world  wear white socks except a few teamed with their colorful uniforms  for neat looks.

Below are steps to When To Wear White Socks

Step1.Men  take long to wear white socks but if they must they wear Hugo Boss Men’s Axel Crew Socks in white mid calf length  because  they are good for casual socks with a padded sole for extra comfort.They have a high quality moisture management. The cuffs are elastic  to keep them up but not  enough that they get tight on you. Good for all day wear.Men its in order to wear white socks with a white long sleeved dress shirt  to pair with a black tie  under a black suit coat  then match with a black belt  to wear with black pants  to conclude with black formal dress shoes for career men and  for great functions.


Step2.Men look great for casual when wearing white socks mid length under  Grey sandals as below in the pictorial teamed with khaki shorts that reach knees to match with short sleeved polo  dress shirt to add a black cap  for perfect looks.You can add  a light brown sleeveless coat  under  the polo shirt  to look fashionable  and cool with your design coordination.

Step3. Schools  that wear white socks  matched with uniforms are well presentable. As in they wear white socks with black shoes matched with short sleeved dress shirts with a light blue tiny tie  to complete with a matching light blue skirt that reach knees for smart looks for girls. For boys they wear white short sleeved dress shirt with a light blue tiny tie to match with light blue pants  then complete with white socks and black dress shoes for compliments.

Step4.Babes wear white socks in style by matching them with a white color and a light blue tie  striped with white at the end to pair with a white tube top  then complete with a mini skirt in light blue with a big step teamed with white at the ends to spice with short white socks and black dress shoes .Wear this outfit at dance floors .

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