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What To Wear With White Boots


What Can You Wear  With White Boots

White boots look stylish on both men and women. Though white boots are more popular in ladies fashion because of the elegance they have. For men you can wear white boots with denim jeans , yet for women , they can wear white boots with skirts, with casual dresses, with short skirts, with skinny jeans, and shorts. You can learn more steps on what to wear with white boots.

What To Wear With White Boots

Step 1: You can wear white boots with a casual dress. This style looks good when the dress fits you well.  You should keep colors low, do not wear a dress with so many colors. W e take an example from the picture below.. you can wear zebra print dress with a black belt. Then wear knee high white boots, and hold a white bag. You see those are only colors, black and white.

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Step 2: You can as well wear white boots with skinny jeans. In this case the skinny jean should be of a dark color so that it contrasts with the white boots. So you can wear a denim dark blue faded jean with a white top, then wear a black leather blazer over the white top and your knee high white boots. You can accessorize with bangles and long necklaces.

Step 3: You can wear white boots with black leggings. To create a fabulous look, you have to match your colors well. You can simply wear black leggings with a black dress top, then wear white jewelery to match with the white boots. The dress shirt will help you hide some parts you feel should be private.

Step 4: You can also wear white boots with a black  dress. This might seem to obvious to some of you, but when you match the colors well, you can get a better color contrast. You can wear a black short dress which is just 1-2 inches above the knee. Then wear a white blazer to match with the white boots. Accessorize with white jewelery since the dress is black.

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