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What To Wear With Wedges


What Can You Wear With Wedges

To some people wedges may seem to be an option for wearing high heels, because wearing high heels for a long time may be painful for some people, so wedges are a nice option, because of their flat raised soles. Short people should wear these wedges, they will make you taller by 2 inches yet make you feel comfortable. You can wear wedges for a longer period without any pain. So you can  follow these steps on what to wear with wedges.

What To Wear With Wedges

Step 1: You can wear wedges with a casual dress. I have seen many women wearing wedges with dresses, and it is actually a very simple yet stylish way to wear these wedges. Simply wear your wedge sandals with a dress that matches with the wedge sandals. For example, if you wear a white casual dress, you can wear a slim brown belt over the dress and brown wedge sandals to match with the brown slim belt. You can then accessorize with brown bangles on the hands.

You can also copy the example below. The lady in the image below, she’s wearing a teal casual dress with a brown belt and brown wedge sandals.

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Step 2: You can wear wedges with a short skirt. Since wedges will increase on your height, you will have no worry of looking short when you wear short skirts. So you can wear wedges with a short skirt and look smart. Ton look smart you will have to match your colors very well, because wedges come in various colors, your selection will be wide.

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Step 3: You can as well wear wedges with shorts. This style is quite fashionable and it looks quite elegant. You can wear a brown  leather short with a grey leather a white top and a grey leather jacket over the white top. Then tie a brown belt over the grey jacket to create a color contrast. Now you can wear your brown wedges to match with the brown shorts and belt.

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