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How To Wear A Watch Properly


Stylish Ways To  Wear A Watch Properly

A watch is a necessary accessory worn by women and men to look good and  the same time keep time. You will always look good if you wear the right size and color that agrees with your attire. You’ll need a watch, for men a dress shirt and pants to coordinate with your dress shoes. For women. you’ll need a dress , a skirt and a top  or pants  to finish with accompanying dress shoes and a trendy bag.
Below are steps to wear a Watch Properly

Step1.Wear a black watch with a white top to match it with a black flared skirt above knees. To complete it with black heels and a trendy bag. You can also add earrings  for compliments.

How To Wear A Watch Properly
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Step 2:Wear your watch facing the right direction .let nos. 12 and 6 face each other while no 3 and  no 9 facing vertically for easy reading of the time then wear it on your left hand if you’re right handed because this had may be busy e.g writing .If your left handed then wear it on the right hand for  same purposes.

Step 3: Wear it loosely not to rub your skin but fitting enough to hold it in position. Make sure the watch is not too big on your hand  if your formal. See whether the watch is reading the right time of wearing it, if it needs adjusting to it straight way to avoid lugging behind time.

Step 4: Dress your watch by adjusting to your wrist of your hand by feeding one end of the strap through the buckle then insert the pin in a hole . They are several holes on the watch try all of them to check which one feels better with your hand. In case of any queries visit jewelry stores for replacements  and repairs.

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How To Wear A Watch Properly
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How To Wear A Watch Properly
See More Details Here…..How To Wear A Watch Properly

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