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what to wear when visiting egypt


What To Wear When visiting egypt

They say traveling opens your mind and broadens your thinking so make sure as you travel to Egypt travel with an open mind and expect some thing different from what you are used to at home. Egypt being a desert country, temperatures tend to be generally high and their is limited humidity which is why you will have to carry light clothing and make sure you carry desert hats to cover you from the direct sun rays, you will also have to move with lots of drinks to keep your body refreshed all the time.

Step 1. During evening hours formal dresses do not apply, men wear long trousers and an open neck shirt. You can alternatively dress in simple but convenient  outfits  that make you comfortable.Dress in a long sleeved top under a long sleeved navy blue leather coat to pair with a navy blue skinny jean and you can also cover your head, then spice your attire with  black heeled Ankle boots to compliment with a trendy bag teamed in blue and white for young woman  good looks like in the pictorial below.

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BUDGET:Three Dots Women’s Long Fitted Tank Top to cost you  $55.00,AG Adriano Goldschmied Women’s Dolman Cardigan Sweater  to go for $80.00,Plaid Above the Knee Two Pocket Stretch Pencil Skirt – ( 2 Colors ) to go for $25.00,Anne Klein Women’s Cotton Leggings to go for  $15.00 ,Haiku Grab Bag  to cost you $46.00 ,Wanted Women’s Falcon Ankle Boot  to cost you $48.38. The total cost will be $269. 38

Step2. You can either dress in a long sleeved gray top  with a v neck to pair with blue skinny jeans then spice you r outfit with a navy blue and black teamed square scarf to compliment with medium flat boots in black  to add value to your attire with a trendy bag .

Step 3. Look great in a white short sleeved top under a black short blazer to accessorize with a black watch then match your pairing with blue skinny jeans  to finish with black heeled medium booties to compliment with  black hand bag to complete your attire.Add a colorful   multi color shopping bag  for a day like  the lady in the pictorial above on the extreme right hand.

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