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What To Wear With Velvet Pants


What Can You Wear With Velvet Pants

Both men and women can wear velvet pants.  Velvet pants can work as casual pants as well as formal wear depending on what you have worn with them. For men you can wear these velvet pants with blazers, with polo shirts, with plaid shirts, with flannel shirts and with moccasin shoes. For women you can wear these velvet pants with short sleeve tops, with sweatshirts, with leather blazer, with velvet blazer, with a cardigan and with boots. Follow these steps on what to wear with velvet pants.

What To Wear With Velvet Pants

Step 1: Women, You can wear velvet pant with a suit vest. This is one of of the easiest way of wearing velvet pants. To look fabulous you will have to wear match the colors very well. For example, you can wear a teal velvet pant with a grey  top then wear a black suit vest over the grey top. The black vest will match with the teal velvet pants. Then wear black heels or pumps to match with the black vest. Wear dark silver and black jewelery.

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Step 2: You can as well wear a black velvet pant with a black top.This is a stylish way of wearing velvet pants for girls. The style is simple, simply wear a black velvet pant with a slim white top, then wear a silver black top over the white slim top to create a contrast between black and white.

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Step 3: Men, you can wear velvet pants with plaid shirts. I have always worn my velvet pant with a plaid shirt and ankle boots. All you have to do is to match the colors well.  You can wear a brown velvet pant with a plaid shirt which has cream / black and brown prints. Then wear a cream belt with your brown pants.  A cream ankle boot will match with the cream belt. Cream matches with brown.

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