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When To Wear Turquoise


Turquoise is a semiprecious stone toned in opaque blue to green color consisting of phosphate copper and aluminum.This precious stone with worn in various ways  f to the convenience  of each individual. women wear it as Eye Shadow, Clothing,Dress shoes,Earrings, Necklace,Rings,Watches, Pants and in  Cultural  dress wears.

Below are steps to When To Wear Turquoise

Step1.Women look good wearing turquoise long earrings with matching  color outfits like the Saree cultural wear below in the pictorial.Wear this Saree wear with a round beaded Turquoise necklace to spice with a turquoise bracelet to finish with  silver heeled dress shoes to complete your outfit. Add a trendy small silver party bag  with a nice hair style that puts your hair together and backwards clearing your face  to look beautiful.

When To Wear Turquoise


Step2.Wear Turquoise eye shadow a winter favorite show below in the pictorial  with a turquoise nail polish to match with a sleeveless blue maxi dress that has a raised bust with a wide neck  and free  from the waist to feet then accessorize with silver long necklace with silver bracelets to complete outfit with silver heeled dress shoes and a matching bag in silver to coordinate your fitting ready to party.

Step3.Taller women look good in a turquoise maxi long dress teamed with black  sleeveless with a v neck and fitting at the bust and free to bottom to finish with black open strapped dress shoes  then accessorize with a turquoise bracelet and a turquoise necklace  with a matching small bag in black . Hold your hair in one position at the  with a clip or hair band to avoid your hair dragging around  for neat looks.

Step4.Dress to rock with Turquoise J. Renee Isis dress shoes teamed in brown and white finishing  designed with  turquoise stone  that will give comfort to wear with a short sleeved brown top  and a long beaded turquoise necklace to complete with white  jean shorts to look colorful.

Note:women look stylish in a turquoise flat tall boot  with a black sole to match with a white tube top and white skinny jeans to complete outfit with a long beaded necklace in turquoise with bracelets for better looks.

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When To Wear Turquoise


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