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When To Wear Topaz


Topaz is a Blue  gemstone worn by both women and men to boast happiness and reduce on stress.This gemstone is worn in different ways  with different meanings to each individual.It reduces tension in pregnant mothers and makes labor easier for them.Women mostly wear this gemstone in Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces. And men wear this blue gemstone in watches.Women will look good with blur topaz earrings  matched with cultural wear like the Saree wear with a dress top and pants.

Below are steps to When To Wear Topaz

Step1.Women rock with these Topaz bracelets teamed with brown with a brown top to match with white skinny jeans  to spice with a long brown beaded necklace  then complete outfit with brown flat ankle boots  to add a trendy bag in brown for compliments.

When To Wear Topazimage

Step2.Babes wear a blue topaz ring paired with silver to match with a navy blue long sleeved dress shirt with a v neck to spice with a navy blue skinny jean with silver chains at the front  then complete with light brown Ugg Boots  to complete with medium silver earrings for compliments.Add black shades a look fabulous for any casual event.

Step3.Look good in a blue topaz teamed with sterling silver necklace  to pair with a white sleeveless maxi dress  that fits at the bust and free to bottom to accessorize with navy blue heeled dress shoes and a teaming bag in navy blue to complete your outfit.

Step4.Look great wearing a blue topaz eternity bracelet women with a black tube top to match with light blue skinny jeans to accessorize with black pump dress shoes then complete outfit with short blue earrings and a small party bag  for compliments.Alternatively these Vivienne West wood Gemstone Drop Earrings in light blue below in the pictorial with a pink medium sleeved dress shirt  to pair with navy blue pencil skirt that reach knees to complete outfit with light blue heeled dress shoes  to compliment with a trendy bag in light blue for elegance looks women.

Note:Men can wear blue topaz watch teamed with silver to match with black short sleeved polo shirt with blue jeans  to complete outfit with Grey canvas dress shoes  and a matching cap for great casual outing.

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When To Wear Topaz










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