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What To Wear With Toms


What Can You Wear  With Toms

Toms shoes try to look like vans, but the difference between toms and vans is that van shoes have a defined shape as well as a bigger sole , yet toms have a simplicity style which is folded on the front. Toms are very comfortable with a soft sole which will make you forget that you put on shoes. Their mission is to make life more comfortable. So you wounder what to wear with your toms. See steps below.

What To Wear With Toms

Step 1: You can wear toms with shorts. Toms are casual shoes, so pairing them with shorts will simply be one of the best match. Lets look at the lady in the picture below, she wore olive green shorts with a green sleeveless top and a brown belt which matched well with the olive shorts. Then she wore black toms. The black color matched very well the olive green short. You can accessorize with bangles and crafty long necklace.

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Step 2: You can as well wear toms with a short skirt. In this case you can wear a short denim mini skirt. To match the colors, wear a black denim skirt with a white top, tuck in the top to look smart. Then wear beaded black necklace and black bangles. You can now wear white toms so that they match with the black skirt and the white top.

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Step 3: You can also wear toms with your boyfriend jeans. Since toms are casual, they will look good with toms. Simply wear your boyfriend jeans, fold them above the ankles, then wear  a black top tucked in the jeans, now wear pink drape cardigan. Then go for toms which have both pink and black so that the pin matches with the black top.

Step 4: You can as well wear toms with skinny jeans. simply wear your denim blue skinny jeans , and  a sky blue sweater over the top and black beaded necklace. Then wear black toms.

Step 5: Wear toms with a dress. To look fashionable, you will have to play with colors. If the dress has both red and white prints, then wear red or white toms with your dress.

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