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How to wear a sweater over a dress shirt


Stylish Ways To  Wear a sweater over a dress shirt

A sweater/cardigan of the sort is made out of wool materials to keep the wearer wormed. Its worn over tops, tee-shirts with jeans or ordinary  pants, leggings , dresses and skirts. Sweaters are worn by women and men of all years.  Sweaters not only provide more worth on those chilly days but also may look trendy if worn with the right attire, they match on most of the outfits. We take you through some of the ways you can wear a sweater and look trendy

Step 1. You can tuck in the shirt collar in the sweater or let the collar of the shirt  flipped out. But the shirt has to be fitting well and the sweater must be a slim fit as well. Under you can wear tight jeans, short skirts and ankle boots depending on the weather and the function you are going to attend. For guys wear a jean trouser not tucked in or a gentle trouser and a nice belt if you must tuck in.

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Step 2. You can as well leave your dress shirt collar and the first two buttons unbuttoned or you can button them all to the top depending on your style. You can wear either V-NECK or CREWNECK sweater, the the V-NECK look  better when worn with a shirt.

Step 3. Match colors very well, a white collar shirt goes with a gray v-neck sweater, black shirt will match well with a cream sweater. Keep the sweater simple, but pick a shirt with a color-trimmed collar. The sweater must be a fitting suit. If you want to look smart and elegant, make sure the sweater fits you well.

Step 4. Striped shirts will match with plain sweaters. if the shirt has red/white/and blue strips, them wear it with either a white sweater, blue sweater, or a red sweater. In this case you only chose one color to match with.Or wear a sky blue sleeveless sweater with a black long sleeved shirt to pair with a navy blue pants and black dress shoes for neat a adventurous create your own style  to score high.

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