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How To Wear A Suit Vest Men


Stylish Ways To  Wear A Suit Vest Men

Suit vest for men are good accessories which can be worn with a suit, with a trouser and jeans. You can wear a suit vest on any occasion, but the styles are different depending on the function. If it is a formal meeting, you can wear suit vests with a suit or trouser and formal shirt with a tie, but on casual meetings, you can wear a suit vest with jeans or french pants. To learn how to wear suit vests for men follow these steps below:
How To Wear A Suit Vest Men

Step 1: You can wear suit vest with jeans. This is a casual wear good for guys, you can look elegant yet casual. Though you need to match your clothes well. Simply wear a plaid shirt with a denim blue jean, then wear a suit vest over the shirt. Make sure the suit vest has on of the colors of the plaid shirt. Then you can wear converse shoes which match with the plaid shirt and the vest. You will have to tuck in the plaid shirt with your jeans and wear a casual belt meant for jeans.

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Step 2: You can wear suit vest with a trouser. This is a formal way of wearing a suit vest. In this case, you will need to wear a dress shirt  with a trouser and dress shoes. Wear a suit vest over the shirt and button the all shirt, if you want to wear a tie, then button the shirt up to the last button, but if you want to feel free without that tie, then leave the last two buttons open.

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Step 3: Wear a suit vest with a suit for men. Most men wear suit vests with suits on parties and weddings.In this case you need to choose a vest which matches with your suit and shirt as well, if the suit is black, then wear a black vest. Being a suit, you will have to button the suit vest up to the last button and wear dress shoes. Just play around with colors, even a navy blue suit vest can match with a cream or black suit, as long as you get the correct tie.

Step 4: You can also wear a suit vest with a t-shirt and skinny jeans with converse shoes. It is a casual wear as well, simply wear a slim fit t-shirt with skinny jeans, do not tuck the t-shirt with jeans, just wear it casually, then wear a vest over the t-shirt. See example below.

Kenneth Cole Men’s Linen Vest

Kenneth Cole Men’s Linen Vest

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