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what not to wear with sperrys


What Not To Wear with Sperrys

Sperrys or you can call them Boat shoes are popular for there easy to wear and long lasting life. they come in different sizes bit almost same shape and do well as worm weather classics since early 80’s, They range from high end brands to more casual ones.The original leather they are made out of has over the years made them gain momentum that ever. We take you through some of the ways on when not to wear boat shoes

Steps on what not to wear with Sperrys.

Step 1. Never wear sperrys on a suit to office. You may look smart but its not in order. Sperrys are casual in their make so if you team them up with a tie and a suit you will look like a comedian. Boats are pretty simple and easy to wear, They come with leather shoelaces which help you to wear them firmly and fitting, Most of them come with  shoelaces that goes through all the way around then providing more room for fitting. You can go the G way and wear a tall tee, you know the ones that go down to the knees also wear  tight pants, and a  chain which spins and a baseball cap.

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Step 2. Do not wear Sperrys as you go jogging though they are flat and simple they are not cool for jogging. You have to chose the right sports shoes to wear. Sperrys are good for casual wear. Match white  long sleeved dress shirt  under short  denim blue jean jacket to accessorize with a brown necklace and finger ring then match with  blue jeans to finish with  navy blue and cream striped sperrys to compliment with brown  short earrings and a trendy bag in light brown.

Step 3. Avoid wearing sperrys in winter. They are made of leather and it can soak easily and get spoiled. They are good for winter. You can wear brown boat shoes on baggy jeans with a white vest and tuck in and wear a brown belt to match the shoes and  then a leather jacket brown would also come handy. You can wear white polo shirt tack it in then a hooker trouser on any nice color with a matching brawn leather belt and finish with brawn boat shoes.

Step 4. Avoid wearing sperrys with tights. You do not pull off a cool look at all. you can pull a cool look in gray short sleeved top under a black blazer matched with black ripped jeans to finish with teamed sperrys in navy blue and cream.Add a trendy bag  with  bracelets and earrings for a beautiful look.

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