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How to wear a skirt with tights


Stylish Ways To  Wear a skirt with tights

The combination of a short skirts and with tights bring out the best fashion styles when teamed up with the right fitting attire. Tops, shirts, scarfs, blazers, boots a.t.c all look so nice if worn with a matching skirt, below are different ways to wearing a skirt with tights.
Step 1.For better looks the skirt has to be short just above the knees. Tights look good when worn under a short skirt.
You can wear a denim skirt on slim jeans with high shoes and tuck in,don’t let them bunch up too much because some times they do.Just make sure you tie the shoes up well.

BUDGET: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Purple Passion Canvas Shoes  will go for $44.99, Anne Klein Womens Microfiber Tight go for $14.00, Hurley Girl’s 72 Denim Skirt goes for $32.00, 2b Ruffle Zipper Bomber Jacket costs $49.95 making a total of $140.94

Step 2. Match your tights with the color of the skirt and top. Black tights will look good on any thing. To look elegant, you can wear a denim blue short skirt with black skirt. You can also wear on skinny jean bunched over high tops, its a classic way to wear them and it looks pretty cool.

Step 3. Wear boots with tights  and short skirts. This is a new trend, so if you want to look super, then get over the ankle boots, nice tights, denim short skirt, and a tight top, if possible , you can wear a beret and some jewelry. Experiment in the mirror and see what looks best with your short skirt. Thigh high boots  and they look nice to shorts,tights and any other design with a cool top.

Step 4.You can also look girly in raper skirts with a squared shirt folded in front and high tops, It gives you a look of a high school chat on that Saturday outing. You can wear Nude tights – these are good if you wear a closed toe shoe


If you have enough money to spend and you want to look smart i advise you to go for step 1 but if your budget is moderate and you want to look smart then opt for the rest of the steps that we took you through .

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