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How to wear a skirt with tall boots


Stylish Ways To  Wear a skirt with tall boots

The combination of a short skirts and high thigh boots bring out the best fashion styles when teamed up with the right fitting attire. Tops, shirts, scarfs, blazers a.t.c all look so nice if worn with a matching skirt, below are different ways to wearing a skirt on high thigh boots and look so cool.
Step 1. Make sure the skirt is short, because tall boots look good  when matched with short skirts.You can wear a short dress/skirt with with black Over the knee boots and a black blazer, vintage pendant necklace. on a chilly day you can wear a short or long scarf which matches the skirt, and thigh high boots plus a designer hand bag.

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BUDGET:Lucy Love Junior’s Paisley Emma Skirt will go for $32.00, Splendid Women’s Vintage Whisper V-Neck Tee  costs $48.00, Furge02X Thigh-High Boot BLACK go for $31.90, Designer Inspired Over-sized Spy Handbag – Colors Available will cost $39.99 making it all $151.89

Step 2. For extra warmth and beauty, match them with tight leggings to cover your legs. For those with  nice looking legs, its okay to wear boots without leggings. Also a Skirt will look so nice on a pink top and a coffee brown blazer, a short scarf and ankle boots.

Step 3.Make sure the skirt is causal and short but fitting your body very well.  Get an appropriate skirt for casual , special occasions and work places. Work ensembles may require a knee-length or longer skirt, while social events can promote shorter-skirt pairing with tall boots.

Step 4.Put on a short skirt on tights to look more elegant and styled up. They also provide some extra warmth. Purchase several pairs of tights so that you can have a wide selection.


If you have enough money to spend and you want to look smart i advise you to go for  step 1 but if your budget is moderate and you want to look smart then opt for the rest of the steps that we took you through .

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