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what to wear with Overall shorts


What Can You Wear  With Overall shorts

Overall shorts are nice shorts that look sexy with women’s curvy shapes matched fitting tops and even blazers to look so irresistible. overall shorts are another first priority casual outfit that women rock with their variety of dress shoes. With the straps that go all the way through you back, making the waist so tight and revealing most ft your curves, you can never go wrong with overall shorts.

Step 1. I prefer denim overall shorts, you can wear a long  fitting t-shirt underneath, but the t-shirt should be matching with the shorts. If the shorts are denim blue, then match them with a white and blue stripped long  t-shirt, most of Ed Hardy t shirts look so cool on girls. The t shirt has to be long enough to tack well inside the overall because it looks pretty funny with t he shirt popping out.

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BUDGET:Levi’s Juniors Styled Overall Short costs $54.00,Wanted Shoes Women’s Galaxy Flat  to cost $16.00,Hype Jean Cross-Body Clutch  to go for $169.55,Calvin Klein Womens Solid Underwear Bandeau Swimsuit Top to cost you $68.00,BB Dakota The Gina Top in White,Tops (S/S) for Women to cost you $58.00,Plaid Stitch Ivy Scally Cap Cotton Summer Driver Hat Lurex Stitch Cabbie to cost $25.00,Multi Colored Flower Painting and Crystal Cuff Bangle Bracelet to go for $19.99,Chuvora Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia CZ Oval Drop Pendant Necklace 18” Fashion Jewelry for Women  to cost $24.99. The total cost will be $557.53 All prices quoted from AMAZON.

Step 2. You can as well wear a pink overall shorts with knee high boots, i prefer white boots on pink shorts just  in this case . In order to get away with “cute” you have to make them a little less casual and little more chic/casual.A sleeveless whit top will look so sexy with accessories too, you don’t have to go gold, you can also go plastic from bangles to earrings.

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Step 3. Look like a celebrity in army overall shorts  paired with army green and white medium heeled dress shoes to match with a white tee shirt with pink decorations at the front worn under a pink and black striped blazer accessorized with a long necklace to compliment with brown trendy bag for a youthful look.

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Step 4.Rock your self up with blue open toed with strap flat dress shoes to match with blue  sleeveless top tucked in blue shorts for your casual day out. Also add bracelets to necklace that agrees with your outfit to spice with medium silver earrings for a beautiful young woman.


Blue Overall Denim Shorts

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