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what not to wear with short hair


What Not To Wear with Short Hair

Most of the time women think short hair is no beauty but look at women like joyce meyer who have leaves for 50 year with short hair and they are role models for many. You too can look so great with short hair as long as you know what not to wear with it. We here at zigoti will take you through different steps on how you can avoid bad looks with your short hair.

Steps on what not to wear with short hair.

Step 1. With short hair avoid long attires. If you are comfortable with your body then you will have opt for short dresses and pants. Short hair looks funny on long dresses. You can pull a cool look with short hair in a tube black dress that is above the knees fitted around the bust and below the waist to reveal your curvy shape then accessorize with a  short emerald necklace  to spice with a light brown bag to match your outfit then finish with open black strapped heeled dress shoes for compliments with a nice hair style  for an evening outing.

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Step 2. Avoid wearing skimpy attire it will make you look like a teenager! For-example short denim skirts and tops with no hair gives you a 13 year old look! So if you want to be comfortable wear complete outfits like dresses and pants with dress shirts ant tack in, that way you will be more comfortable with your self . Wear skinny cargo pants in style by pairing a colorful hat in white and black  to wear with  a medium sleeved black dress shirt to tucked  to match with a light blue quarter skinny jeans  with a brown belt to wear with pants then finish with leopard heeled dress shoes to complete outfit with a matching medium leopard trendy bag an look fabulous


Step 3. Avoid cutting all your hair from your head. You can cut it to some stylish fashions for better looks. You can pull a cut like this in the pic on a short sleeved black tee shirt  under a Seersucker coat to pair with Seersucker shorts with side pockets that reach knees to complete with white canvas dress shoes men. Add a nice watch to move on time.

Step 4. Avoid moving without wearing a beret on your head on those cold days. It looks both fashionable and cool if you match in to a short sleeved shorter top  revealing the navel under a black blazer to pair with blue skinny cargo pants  to finish with black bracelets and a trendy bag then compliment with medium black boots


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