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what not to wear to school


What Not To Wear to School

Your free to wear what you feel like at school but you must also be selective on what to wear and what not to wear while at the college. For guys, avoid wearing clothes that will make you look like your 40 years, simply wear simple staff like jeans, chinos, and flat pants. For girls, make sure you do not wear like your mother, avoid maxi dresses because they will make you look over aged.

Steps on what not to wear to school.

Step 1. Avoid  see through tops to school because they tent to  expose off your breasts and this is not a good part to show off while at school. These see through tops have been made popular by celebrities because they always to get attention from the media. While at school, you do not need this uncalled for media attention, simply wear a normal closed top.

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Step 2. Do not wear very short mini skirt skirts and short pants to school. The main purpose of  going to school is to study not to pull attention while in class or on  college campus. Make sure you avoid those mini skirts and short tops while going to college. If you want to wear a short denim skirt, then wear it with leggings to keep some parts private, then wear a full top which covers the top part.

Step 3. Avoid outfits that will attract attention. girls avoid open outfits because you may just end up attracting the opposite sex attention thus disrupting with the class. Team heeled Tan shoes with light brown pencil skirt above knees with a slit  to match with a black sleeveless top under a brown coat then add a matching bag in brown for better.

Step 4. Do not wear high heels to school, you will be disliked by the teachers! Look beautiful in black by wearing a round neck black short sleeved mini dress that reach knees with a black long sleeved  long coat to spice with medium heeled dress shoes and a trendy bag in black to compliment with silver short earrings. Just make sure you don’t over accessorize because you will destruct most of  your students trying to compare them selves on you! just keep it simple.

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