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what not to wear with purple


What Not To  wear with Purple

Purple is a tricky color to work with but you just have to find a way to find the right attire and colors that blend with it. To look good with purple skirts, you have to wear a slim fit purple skirt, and it has to be 1 inch below the knee. Purple Pencil skirts can be worn on parties, on dates and you can also wear a purple skirt to work. Learn What Not To Wear With A purple Skirts

Steps on what not to wear with purple.

Step 1. Avoid wearing purple skirt with oversize tops. It looks so funny, If you are to look nice with a purple pencil skirt for office then you have to wear a dress shirt  and tack it in to look smart. You can wear a purple pencil skirt with a gray sleeved top. But both the top and skirt must be slim fit, in such a way that they show off your body structure. This is a formal way of wearing a purple pencil skirt, it creates a mermaid shape so you can easily separate you waistline from the buts. Wear black heels with such an outfit and button your shirt to look elegant like in the pic below.

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Step 2. Avoid wearing orange outfits with purple, its just a color crash. You can look fantastic in white shoes matched on  bold and colorful tops, like purple, yellow floral tops which will complement the plain white shoes. If you are quite short and you want to raise your height, Wear white Wedge irregular choice shoes with a zebra  print Halter mini dress to pair with silver bracelets to finish with a colorful hat and a small black bag to complete your attire.

Step 3.Do not wear purple on red or green, these are all shouting colors and you will look too shouting. Try to match up the colors. For-example you can wear  a purple mini dress that stops above the knee and match it with a white bag and gold necklace and a gold bracelet. A shot purple flowed dress looks good on straight bodies with the matching ribbon on the head like the famous Women’s Disco Dolly Costume with white heels.

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Brown on Purple also never matches well. It gives you a dull look . You have to try color matching, Look stylish in high Waisted skinny jeans  by pairing purple top to match your desired jeans. You can wear colorful skinny jeans and looked great.Match a purple  long sleeved top with a v neck to pair with blue jeans then finish with purple heels to compliment with a black trendy bag.

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