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When To Wear Pukhraj



Pukhraj is a   yellow gemstone  jewelry  with a specific weight and worn by any one increase their chances in everything or to help in fulfilling their ambitions  in the shortest time  .Any way increasing chances in life like marriage, attaining a job name it your way.It  worn  by both women and men .For women it can be worn as a ring ,and men can wear it as a watch or pendants.

Below are steps to When To Wear Pukhraj

Step1.Wear a Pukhraj yellow gemstone on any finger  with other rings  as desired , and team it with any good outfit  to complete it  like a short sleeved Grey top  matched with black pants that fit at the waist and with wide bottoms to spice outfit with  a long beaded necklace in white and short white earrings to compliment with white ope strapped dress shoes and a trendy bag in white for better looks.Babes you shouldn’t miss wearing this gemstone because it make  you a bright future, wear it with polished nails, moderate make up ans nice hair style.


Step2.For men , you can wear a pukhraj yellow sapphire as a pendant with  your shirt dress teamed in yellow under a a faded blue jacket to match with black pants  then finish with  black canvas shoes  with white sole  and black shades for better presentation.

Step3.Look good wearing your pukhraj yellow gemstone as a ring  to pair with black bracelets then match with a black sleeveless top with white decorations at the front to add short black earrings  to complete your outfit with blue jeans and closed flat dress shoes in black while leaving your hair to rest freely and  great for casual.

Step4.look stunning women when you wear a purhraj yellow gemstone  ring with your a maroon sari  traditional  wear that  has a one shoulder dress top and long maxi skirt  matched with a  matching wrap cloth  wrapped through the shoulder and leaving on arm out to add matching necklace and bracelets then finish silver heeled dress shoes and a teaming bag to compliment your outfit.

Note:With men casual, wear  a yellow gemstone as a pendant with Grey short sleeved tee short paired with blue jeans  to complete looks with black shades and black converse dress shoes for goof looks.


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