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what to wear when On your period


What To Wear When On your period

Most of the ladies feel so uncomfortable when in their periods, this is the time you have to look your best in order to kill that look on your face. Wear cotton fabrics for more comfort and you can carry extra clothing in case you need to change. Most of the ladies wear bright colors and others prefer dull colors when they are on periods but all in all you have to look nice and don’t show it to the whole world that you are going through that time.

step 1. just make sure you dress comfortably but gently. You can match a cotton shirt sleeved shirt  a long sleeved  sweater to pair it with a brown long trouser that is not to tight then compliment with medium heeled dress shoes and a complimenting file holder to complete your attire. that time puts people in a bad mood all the time so you can wear so smartly to feel good on your self  for better moments.

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BUDGET:Three Dots Women’s Long Fitted Tank Top to cost you $55.00,Lilla P Women’s Classic 3/4 Sleeve Scoop Cardigan to cost at $70.00,Knee Length Tiered Sleek Stretch Skirt ( Choose Black, Charcoal or Brown )  to go for $25.00,Embassy Italian Stone Design Genuine Leather Shopping/Travel Bag – Black to cost $10.00,Women’s Sexy Black Shoes 2.5 Inch Heel Satin Dance Shoe Flapper Costume 1920s  to cost you $46.99. The total cost will be $ 206.99

Step 2. Dress in a floral dress top under a long sleeved black blazer to accessorize  with a black  legging and short scarf around neck then finish with  black pants t0 compliment with gray short heeled boots to complete with a black trendy bag for beautiful looks. You can add a brazer because most of that time the body tends to feel too cold.

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Step 3. Look beautiful in black by wearing a round neck black short sleeved mini dress that reach knees with a black long sleeved  long coat to spice with medium heeled dress shoes and a trendy bag in black to compliment with silver short earrings. Just make sure you over accessorize because you will need to feel good to your self

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