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When To Wear Oxblood Shoes


Oxblood Shoes  design dress shoes teamed in tan red   worn by women and men with different outfits  of varying sexes. Including  formal and casual  shoes  for all women and men.For example  heeled dress shoes for women, dress  shoes for  men. Boots for men and canvas dress shoes. You can wear them with suits for formal and casual with tee shirts  and jeans  for men. for women wear them with dresses, skirts and tops, pant suits  and maxi dresses to mention a few.

Below are steps to When To Wear Oxblood Shoes

Step1.Wear this Women’s Asterix High Heel Platform Sandal below in the pictorial with black mini dress  that reach knees , fitting around the bust  with short sleeves  and round from the bust to knees then match it with long maroon beaded necklace to finish with  maroon bracelets and a trendy small bag in  for better looks.

BUDGET:BCBGeneration Women’s Asterix High Heel Platform Sandal  to cost you $89.95,Patagonia Women’s Kamala Dress to cost you  $55.20,Chan Luu Gypsie Leather Bracelet  to go for $245.00,Triple Strands Blister Shell and Beaded Long Necklace Multi Color 48” to cost at $24.99,Full Rhinestone, Mini Clutch, Evening Bag – Layla (41 502) to cost at $119.99. The total cost will be $535.13

Step2.Dress in Red open toed heeled  dress shoes teamed with silver to glitters  then match it with  a short sleeved  v neck maxi silver dress to pair with  long  red earrings  and bangles to complete with a small red party bag for compliments.Wear a nice hair style  and makeup to have better looks.

Step3.Dress formally in Vass ox blood dress shoes  with strings to tie at the front then match with  white long sleeved dress shirt  , a maroon tie to pair with black pants and coat then finish with  black  mid length socks  with a watch to complete  tour outfits for men. Wear it on great occasions  too like parties, weddings  and special organizations  for smart looks.

Step4.For men , wear DuFFS Men’s G4 Hi Special Skate Shoes teamed in white and tan red  dress shoes below in the pictorial to match with  white  tee shirt  and black jeans  to finish with  white socks and a cap teamed in black for compliments for any casual day-out.

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