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what to wear with Orange


What Can You Wear  With Orange

Orange clothes have an elegant look especially when worn the right way, most women wear orange dresses on parties or to a date. Orange emerald dress is an exotic color. You can wear a orange dress with black pumps,with gold color foot wear, white hand bag and silver jewelery looks nice on orange dress.

Step 1: Orange is a bright color so you have to calm it down by wearing dark colors with it. For example , you can wear a brown / black / dark green shirt that fits you well , and black / dark brown / dark green shoes. If you are going for an outing, shopping or get together of some sort wear an v neck top with a gray blazer on a black skinny jean with black leather thigh high boots and a matching black hand bag.

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BUDGET: Lilla P Womens Rouched Center V-Neck Top goes for $53.25, Xoxo Juniors Stretch Velvet Blazer goes for $21.29, Black Shadow Denim Skinny Jeans costs $34.50, Furge81 Jewel Buckled Thigh High Boots BLACK will cost $50.16 making a total of $ 159.2
Step 2: To accessorize an orange dress, you need crafty accessories with black / brown / colors to contrast with the yellow dress. Match navy shorts with an orange, flowy shirt, sandals, hair in a sloppy bun, a large necklace, and some big sunglasses will make you look like a celebrity.

Step 3: You can also wear navy shorts with an orange cami  tops, choose the right top and short that work well with your body shape, wear Shirts that are cropped at the waist, they are the perfect wardrobe complements for casual high-waisted navy shorts like those of the denim variety.

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Step 4: Do not wear an orange shoe with orange skirt, you will look over decorated, try to get black or chocolate brown shoes, or an orange top with flat orange flats will be fine too.You can as well wear cute gladiator sandals, they look good with shorts, Look beautiful in a orange medium sleeved v neck dress shirt tucked to pair with black shorts  and black dress shoes  to finish with a black trendy bag to complete your clothing. Add jewelry if desired to give your clothing a perfect touch.

ORANGE DRESSES you can wear;

Suzi Chin Women’s Ruffle Neck Dress

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