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What To Wear When Meeting For Drinks


What To Wear  When Meeting For Drinks – ZIGOTI

Meeting for drinks should totally be a free dress code factor. Dress what impresses you  but in a decent way. Women need not to over expose their bodies. Men can wear jeans and tee shirts or casual out fits  that make them comfortable until  later .For men you can wear sneakers, high tops, canvas dress shoes . Women can wear heels, flats, wedges  depending on on day of meeting.

Below are steps to What To Wear  When Meeting For Drinks – ZIGOTI

Step1.Wear a nice dress in black sleeveless that reach the knees  with a colorful necklace  to match it with white heeled dress shoes  then add a white trendy bag , white bracelets, white earrings then compliment with a beaded long white necklace to add value to  your fittings.


Step2.Dress in black sleeved fitting top with skinny jeans to accessorize your attire with long silver earrings to finish with black heeled ankle booties to compliment with black bracelets. Add black goggles to look great for your day out.

Step3.Look colorful in red heeled ankle booties if you match them with black skinny jeans  to pair with a round white tee shirt that has black Decorations at the front. Wear it with a black short and long sleeved blazer  together with a trendy black bag and a nice hair style.

Step4.Enjoy your day out by wearing grey ankle booties to pair them with black skinny jeans worn with a short sleeved round black top under a medium sleeved jean coat to add a silver short necklace , bracelets, and a watch on top of a trendy black bag. Ok to add black goggles for neater looks.

Note: You can also look great in a sleeveless black mini dress that is a few inches above knees to match them with a beaded black necklace then finish with black bracelets , a nice hair style to conclude with open striped black ankle dress shoes .Add a trendy bag in black for better looks like in the pictorial below.

For men,for men , dress in a black tee shirt together with white jeans  to finish with a white cap , and a beautiful watch. compliment with  with black dress shoes for nice looks.

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