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What To Wear With Khaki Pants for Men


What Can You Wear  With Khaki Pants for Men

Khaki pants can be worn in two different styles. You can wear them in a casual way or wear them in a formal way. To wear your khaki pants in a casual way, you can wear them with a plaid shirt, with a denim shirt , with a polo t-shirt and to wear them in a formal way,  you can wear dress shirts with ankle boots or dress shoes.

What To Wear With Khaki Pants for Men

Step 2:You can wear khaki pants with a denim shirt. Denim blue skirts look good when matched with khaki pants, you can wear this styles in two ways, you can tuck in the shirt to look formal, or let it be free to look casual. You will be smart in both ways. Then wear boat shoes or ankle boots.

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Step 2: You can wear khaki pants with a khaki jacket. This is my style of wearing these khaki pants especailly when i want to look both casual and formal. Okay this is what i do, i wear a polo shirt which has coffee brown and cream stripes and i tuck it in the khaki pants, get my coffee brown belt to match with my khaki pant and the polo t-shirt, wear a light khaki jacket over the polo shirt but i live it open so that my shirt can be seen. Then wear t-strap sandals with cream and navy blue top and black sole. With this style i can be casual but formal as well.

Step 3: You can as well wear khaki pants with long sleeved polo shirts. A long sleeved polo shirt is meant for formal wear. Look the men in the picture below,. the one on the left is wearing a navy blue long sleeved polo shirt with a brown belt and brown dress shoes with khaki pants. The on on the left looked smart as well in his sky blue polo t-shirt with a brown belt and khaki pants.

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