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What To Wear With Jordans


What Can You Wear  With Jordans

Jordan shoes were named after Michale Jordan the basketball player. These shoes can last for a longtime and they come in different colors, but you can not wear them to office.  Jordan shoes  look good with baggy jeans, though you have to match them well. Top celebrities like Kanye West have made these shoes so popular and every youth wants to wear them to look like these celebs.

What To Wear With Jordans

Step 1: You can wear Jordan shoes with baggy jeans and an oversize t-shirt. I have always seen JAYZ wearing them in this style, a long over-sized white t-shirt with baggy denim jeans. Though the t-shirt has to be your size in the chest other wise it will fall off.You can as well wear some jewelery and a lather jacket with .

Since the jeans are baggy, make sure you do not cover the top of the Jordans. Try top tuck the front part of the baggy jeans behind the Jordan’s tongue

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Step 2:Women , you can wear Jordan shoes with leather tights. Jordans for woman are quit different from those for men, simply play with colors to look fabulous. In this case, you can wear black tights with black and white jordans, then wear black slim fit top and a slim fit leather jacket.

Step 3: You can wear Jordan shoes with shorts,  In this case you will need to wear baggy denim shorts with a round neck t-shirt. If the Jordan shoes have colors like white and red, then wear a white -tshirt or a red t-shirt. Should always choose the top basing on the colors in the Jordans.

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