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What To Wear When Job Training


What To Wear When Job Training

Now you have accomplished your first goal, you now have the job, but you need some job training so that you get all the necessary skills that job requires. While on training you will learn more than what you learned at college, and you meet new people, so you need to look representable. As you do your job training, your boss will be monitoring your skills and day to day behaviors to see if your the right candidate for the job. For men you can wear denim straight jeans with dress shirts and dress shoes. Do not wear baggy jeans and converse shoes to work. Ladies you can wear a pencil skirt, a dress , flared pants, and straight fit denim jeans to work, do not wear denim shorts or denim short skirts to a job training. Get a detailed report on what to wear when job training.

What To Wear When Job Training

Step 1: Women, you can wear a skirt when on job training. To look fashionable while on job training, you can wear a high waisted pencil skirt. When you match your colors well so that you look smart. Lets use the example from the picture below. The lady wore a navy blue high waist pencil skirt with a sleeves draping white top and white wedge sandals which match with the top. She accessories with white earrings and her navy blue bag matched with the skirt. Do not wear lots of accessories, just keep it simple but elegant.

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Step 2: Women, you can also wear a dress when your on job training.  The dress has to be just one inch below the knee. Do not wear a gown dress or a maxi dress to work. In this case you can wear a yellow dress, and wear a brown belt over the dress to keep it smart. Then you can wear brown wedge sandals so that they can match with the brown belt. Yellow matches with brown and black, so you can choose any of those two colors. Limit on accessories so that you do not distract other trainees and employees at work.

Step 3: Women, you can also wear a flared pant on a job training. These pants are classic and elegant, you can simply match the colors well so that you look smart. For example , You can wear a grey flared pant with a black long sleeved top. Then tuck in the top and wear a slim black belt, you can as well wear a grey suit vest over the black top, and sum uo with black medium heels.

Step 4: MEN, you can wear a polo t-shirt with khaki pants while on Job training. This is a casual wear but formal as well depending on the way you match the colors. You can wear a navy blue polo t-shirt with a cream flat khaki pant. Make sure you tuck in the polo t-shirt so that you look smart and wear a black formal belt with your cream khaki pant, then wear black dress shoes  to match with the black belt.

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