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How To Wear Jeans That Are Too Long


How To Wear Jeans That Are Too Long

Wearing long jeans can be fashionable to some people and it can also be wired to some people, so as you think of wearing those long jean of yours, you have to know how to style them up so that you look fashionable. For some women they wear long jeans with high heels or pumps. Pumps or heels will increase on your height so the jeans will not look very tall on you. For Men they just fold the jeans and wear ankle boots to make it look stylish. Get detailed steps on How To Wear Jeans That Are Too Long below.

How To Wear Jeans That Are Too Long

Step 1: You  wear your long jeans with pumps or heels. This style will increase on your height by 1 – 2 inchs. Do not wear ballet flats or sandals with long jeans, because the jeans will drape to the floor and they will get dirty. When you wear pumps, they increase on your hight and hold the jeans high. You can also pull your jeans up and wear a belt over them to keep them tight, then wear a v-neck t-shirt to cover the belt so that no one can tell that you have pulled your jeans up. See example in the picture below.

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Step 2: You can also wear long jeans with knee high boots. This style will work on only long skinny jeans, do not make a mistake to wear flared long jeans with knee high boots. Since knee high boots cover almost your legs, they will hide the long skinny jeans, just tuck the skinny jeans in your knee high boots.But the jeans have to be fitting, it will be very funny to wear long jeans which are not even your size.

Step 3: Women, it is also fashionable to fold those long jeans. This style looks good when your wearing boyfriend jeans. Skinny jeans do not look good when folded. So you can fold your boyfriend jeans and wear a round neck t-shirt, fold the sleeves of the shirt to match with the folded jeans, then wear vans , converse, sandals , or ballets flats.

Step 4: Men, you can wear long flared boot cut jeans with cowboy boots, Flared long jeans drape well on cowboy boots , make sure the boots have a raised heel so that the jeans do not drape down to the floor. You cam wear a plaid shirt with your flared long jeans and fold the sleeves on the plaid shirt to look casual and fashionable. You can leave the last three buttons open.

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