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what not to wear to an Indian Wedding


What Not To Wear to an Indian Wedding

Indian Sarees have become so popular on weddings even out side india, though this fashion trend is more popular in bollywood India. You can wear a sari in a bollywood style or in a Gujarati Style any where now around the world. There more style of how to wear Indian sarees which can include Nivi Style, Bengali Style, Coorgi style and Tamilian style. These sarees can be worn on various ocassions, you can wear a sari to bollywood awards, wear a sari to a part, or wear a sari when attending a wedding.

Steps on what not to wear to an indian weddings

Step 1. Do not wear short open dresses to an indian party. Indian culture is so specific on most of their attires and you wouldn’t want to look embarrassed with what you are wearing. so in case you are not an indian atleast you have to learn how to wear like Indians. You can try an Indian Saree, since they come in various styles, some saris are made for parties. You can wear a see through Saree to a party, that is if you want to get some attention. For those who just want to play it cool but make a statement as well, then you can opt for some shouting colors like teal or red. These two colors look good on a party. If you wear a teal Saree, you can accessorize it with black accessories and a small black bag and black high heels.

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Step 2. Avoid wearing funny hair colors on indian attire. you have to be plain for better looks and accesorize as much as you can because that’s the culture of indians. Women can wear Moti gemstone  as bracelets teamed in silver with unique clothing like cultural wears as Indian Saree wear, match a sleeveless yellow top dress  with black decorations at the bust and Grey with black patches at the bottom  to pair it with yellow pants  then spice it with  silver heeled dress shoes to compliment with a long yellow scarf to be wrapped around the shoulders then hanging on both hands evenly.

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Step 4. Do not come to an indian wedding in casual outfits like converse and jeans, you will look out of place. Look cool and extraordinary men when you team a white long sleeved dress shirt  with a neck tie team in black and maroon with a silver tie clip under light Grey seersucker coat to finish with a black belt to wear with light Grey seersucker pants then complete your outfit with black formal dress shoes for compliments.

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