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How To Wear High Tops With Shorts


How To Wear High Tops With Shorts

Both men and women can wear high top shoes with shorts. Though the style of shorts differ. For women, you will have to wear shorts that are at least 3 inches above the knee, so that you show off that sexy part of your body. For men you can wear shorts that are just 1 inch below the knees, because no one wants to see your thigh power. If your above 40 years, then this style might not look good on you.

Below are steps on how to wear high tops with shorts:

Step 1: Girls, you can wear your high top shoes and shorts with a cardigan. A draping cardigan will look good with this style. Some of these draping cardigans are long enough so the choice is yours. If you want to cover some parts yet wear your shorts, then you can simply wear a long draping cardigan.We borrow some tips from the photo below, though i did not like the color match. You can wear a white short with a black top, then wear a navy blue draping cardigan or blazer and wear navy blue high top shoes with a white sole to match with the white shorts.

How To Wear High Tops With ShortsImage source:

Budget: True Religion Allie Cuffed Short in Body Rinse (White) will cost you  $112.50 , Elie Tahari Yoon Jacket will go for $298.80,

Step 2: Guys you can also wear high top shoes with shorts with a blazer. In this case, you will do some color matching. For example, you can wear a black cargo short with a white v-neck t-shirt. Then wear an olive green blazer and olive green high top shoes to match with the olive green blazer. The high top shoes should have a white sole that matches with the white v-neck t-shirt.

Step 3: Girls, You can wear a denim short with high top shoes. This style looks good on high top converse shoes. Example. You can wear a denim blue ripped short with a long sleeved t-shirt which has both blue and white strips. Then wear white high top converse shoes to match with the all outfit.

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