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How To Wear High Tops With Jeans Men


How To Wear High Tops With Jeans Men

Jeans match with high top shoes. Many of these high top shoes come in different colors, so you will have a wide selection on which high top to wear with your favorite jeans. You can easily wear high tops with skinny jeans , wear them with straight fit jeans or wear them with baggy jeans. The style will depend on you, but make sure you match the colors of your high top shoes with your outfit.

Below are steps on how to wear high tops with jeans for men.

Step 1:Men you can wear your high top shoes with jeans by tucking the jeans behind the tongue if the high top shoes. When you tuck the jeans behind the tongue of the high tops, the shoes get a special attention and attraction . High tops tend to hold your jeans from draping to the flow when you tuck them behind the tongue. Lets use the example of Jayz in the picture below. I like the way Jayz matched his colors, he decided to play it black through out. B lack leather jacket with a black round neck t-shirt and black cargo jeans then black high top shoes with a white sole to reflect with the black jeans. To accessorize you can wear a silver necklace chain since it looks good with black.

How To Wear High Tops With Jeans Men

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Budget: Original Penguin Moby Hi will go for $110.00, True Religion Anthony Big T Cargo Jeans $126.00, DSQUARED2 Zip Front Patched Leather Bomber will go for $1,795.00

Step 2: Men you can also wear high top and jeans with a cardigan. This is a fashionable trend for stylish men. In this case you can wear a blue denim jean with a black and white plaid shirt. Then wear a slim black tie with the plaid shirt. Now wear a black cardigan and close all the buttons to the top. Make sure you have tucked the plaid shirt with the jeans to look smart. Then wear a black high top shoe with a white sole that will match with the plaid shirt.

Step 3; Also men you can wear high tops with skinny jeans. This is style looks good on men with well composed bodies. In this case, you can wear a white V-neck t-shirt with a black skinny jean, then wear black and white high top shoes.

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