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How To Wear High Tops For Girls


How To Wear High Tops For Girls

Girl you can wear high top shoe in style. You have a wide selection of clothes to match with these high top shoes. For example you can wear denim shorts with high top shoes, you can also wear these high top shoes with skinny jeans. I have also seen girls wearing high top shoes with plaid short dress. These high tops come in various colors so you can have a wide selection of which high tops you can wear with your favorite clothes.

Below are steps on how to wear high tops for girls.

Step 1: Girls you can wear high tops with denim  shorts. This is one of the stylish way to wear high tops for girls. Lets use the example from the photo below. You can simply wear a black denim short with a plaid shirt. To match the colors, you can also wear a Grey t-shirt with a plaid shirt. Keep the plaid shirt open so that the t-shirt on the inside is seen. Then wear your high top shoes but make sure that the color of your high top shoes matches with your attire.

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Step 2: Girls you can also wear high top shoes with flared jeans. In this case, you can wear a v-neck t-shirt with a jacket. But make sure you match your colors well. In this case, you can wear a flared black jean with a white v-neck t-shirt with a Grey blazer and black high top shoes. You can as well fold the sleeves of your plaid shirt and accessorize with bangles.

Step 3: You can wear high top shoes with a short dress.This looks good only when the dress is casual. Do not wear these converse shoes with a gown or party dress. Lets use the example in the picture below. Look at the lady below from the right. The lady is wearing a white casual dress with read converse high tops. I like the plaid shirt around her waist.

Then look at the lady on the left,. she’s wearing a black casual dress with white high tops. Then the white scarf around her waist just matched with the white converse shoes.

How To Wear High Tops For Girls

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You can also wear leggings with high top shoes. Look at the lady from the left. You can wear an animal print legging with a sleeveless t-shirt and high top shoes.

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