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How To Wear High Tops With Baggy Jeans


How To Wear High Tops With Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans look good on men with some weight, small people do not look so good in these baggy jeans. You can wear baggy jeans with high top shoes in a stylish way. The only thing you have to note is that the baggy jeans have to fit you well. Do not wear over sized baggy jeans. To look smart, you can wear baggy jeans with round neck t-shirts, V-neck t-shirts do not match with these baggy jeans. You can as well wear plaid shirts with baggy jeans and high top shoes.

Below are steps on how to wear high tops with baggy jeans.

Step 1: Men you can wear baggy jeans with high top shoes. I have seen many celebrities wearing these high top shoes with their baggy jeans in a fashionable style. In this case we can use an example from the photo below. Look at how Kanye West was wearing his high top with baggy jeans. I like the style. He wore a slim fit black shirt with a ripped denim blue jean and black high top shoes to match with the black slim fit shirt.

The main reason why a slim fit shirt looks well on baggy jeans is because it cuts down the weight of the baggy jeans. If you try to wear baggy jeans with big t-shirts, you will look quite funny, let the top be slim so that you look smart.

How To Wear High Tops With Baggy Jeans

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Budget: Levi’s® Guys SilverTab® Baggy Fit will go for $36.99 , G-Star Garrick Lodge Hi will cost you $72.00, 7 Diamonds  Victory slim feet shirt will go for $69.00

Step 2: Men, you can also wear baggy jeans with high tops by folding the baggy jeans above the high top shoes. Simply roll the jeans up so that you show off the high tops. Baggy jeans tend to hide the beauty of your high tops, so it is adviceble to fold your jeans slightly above so that the high tops are seen.

But if you feel uncomfortable when folding these jeans up, you can easily tuck them behind the tongue of the high top shoes.

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