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How To Wear High Top Shoes


How To Wear High Top Shoes

High top shoes have been made so popular by artists and many popular online stores like have sold more than a million pairs of high top shoes. You can wear these shoes with shorts , skinny jeans, casual dresses, and suits for men. Color matching is very essential when wearing high top shoes, because they come in various colors, so you can not fail to get the color of your choice.

Below are the steps on how to wear high top shoes.

Step 1: Women you can wear high top shoes with shorts. This is a good fashion trend for stylish chicks. If your above 30 years, then this style is not for you, just live it to your girls and wear jeans with high top shoes juts like the ladies on the right in the photo below. For chicks you will have to wear  like the girl on the left, her body is still in shape so she looks smart. Simply wear a Grey short with a white sleeveless top tucked in the shorts, and white high top shoes by NIKE. You can as well accessorize with long necklace to add value to your outfit.

How To Wear High Top Shoes

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Step 2: For men You can wear high top shoes with baggy jeans. This is one of best styles of wearing these high top shoes. I have always seen Jay-z wearing his high top shoes with a baggy jean and a round neck t-shirt with a blazer. This just look fabulous especially on men with well composed bodies. Lets do some color matching just to create a good color contrast. Simply wear black baggy denim jeans by Edy hardy, then wear a big fitting round neck t-shirt by roca wear and white high top shoes. Then wear a black leather blazer over the white t-shirt to look fabulous. A base ball cap will add value to the all style.

Step 3: Women you can wear skinny jeans with high top shoes. The style is not new but it is still on fashion. High top shoes look good when worn with skinny jeans. Simply wear a slim top or t-shirt with your skinny jeans then wear these high top shoes.

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