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When To Wear An Eternity Ring


When To Wear An Eternity Ring

Love is one of the gifts we have which is priceless, when you fall in love all you wish for is to be with that person for the rest of your life. Having eternal love is next to impossible because of the obstacles you will find on the way.  Those who would like to wear this Eternity ring do not even know when and how to wear an eternity ring. Some wounder if they should replace their wedding rings with eternity rings or should they wear eternity ring all time.

Below are steps on when to wear an eternity ring.

Step 1:Eternity rings come in various styles and designs. Most of these rings are in silver and gold. But you can also wear a diamond eternity ring depending on how much your willing to spend on it. Though their no specific rules on when to wear eternity rings, you can wear them all day or any time you want to. But Eternity rings have some kind of tradition attached to them. The single band still symbolizes ongoing love and the precious stones like diamond can show continuing and deepening love in the relationship.

So when you still have those strong feelings for your loved one, then you can wear an eternity ring all the time. I have also seen some married couples wearing both a wedding ring and an eternity ring on the same finger..

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Step 2: You can also wear an eternity ring when renewing your wedding vows. You have been married for over 10years and you now feel like renewing your wedding vows to keep your marriage. This is a simple ceremony for only family members and your children. It is a very good example to your kids because they will know how important marriage is. Some time relationships go through some hard times and renewal is very essential, especially when you still have love for each other.

When you exchange these eternity rings when renewing your wedding vows, it shows that you still love each other and it is only death that will do you apart.

According to tradition. Eternity rings have always been given  during the course of a relationship before you get married as a sign of commitment of both partners. People never used to renew wedding vows , but now it has become common and these rings work on such days, because you can not wear a second wedding ring and this tradition of renewing vows makes the eternity ring an essential part of your vow renewal.

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