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How to wear a Dress shirt casually


Stylish Ways To  Wear a Dress shirt casually

Dress shirts portray a certain personality to the world, they are good for parties, company meetings, board meetings and so many other occasions.You may be a bit confused about making it look proper. However, it is fast and easy to prepare and put on the dress shirt so that you can look like a million dollars when you show up at work.
Below are steps to Wear a Dress shirt casually.

Step 1. Wear your dress shirt in pink and white collar straight unbuttoned, with dark Pants RONA-N not tacked in and  finish with Sketchers for a casual look. You can wear the shirt open neck and accessories the looks with a golden neckless.

BUDGET: Hugo Boss Orange Pants RONA-N go for $72.95, Volcom Men’s Swerve Dress Shirt goes for $42.00, Skechers for Work Men’s Survey Slip-On can cost you $63.95, New Rocky Balboa Golden Boxing Glove Pendant Necklace cost around $15.99 making the total of  $194.89

Step 2. You can chose to waer Black Pants CHUCK-N with socks in the first place,  any dark color can do on a nevy blue Swerve Short Sleeve Shirt, put a black belt and a Black Slim tie to match up the attire. Finish with black Men’s Kanon Oxford shoes.

BUDGET: Hugo Boss Black Pants CHUCK-N costs $60.95, Volcom Men’s Swerve Short Sleeve Shirt goes for $42.00, Blues Brothers Tie (2″) can go for $3.50,  Steve Madden Men’s Kanon Oxford will cost $64.90 making a total of  $171.35

Step 3. The dress shirt has to be button half way so that you can look smart when you wear a slim tie with the tie button open. You can wear the dress shirt on a jean trouser, tucked in. Just wear a slim tie but losen it around your neck to look alittle casual.This if a good outfit for a dinner after a long day work.

BUDGET: Volcom Men’s Swerve Dress Shirt goes for $42.00, Blues Brothers Tie (2″) can go for $3.50,  AG Adriano Goldschmied Men’s Protege 32 Inch Straight Leg Jean go for $158.00 making a total of  $203.5.

Step 4. Match the tight dress shirt  and a zip hood coat for extra warmth during winter by wearing a square scarf by folding it as a triangle and wrap it around your neck with the triangular shape draping on the chest. Sum it up with Denim jeans and DR martens boots.

BUDGET: A Pure Cashmere Scarf In Camel For Man will go for  $55.99, Volcom Men’s Swerve Dress Shirt goes for $42.00, BC Ethic Full Zip Down Front Jacket can cost you only $27.49, Dr. Martens Men’s Pier Boot Add to Quicklist just go for $132.00 and the total coast will be $232.43


If you have enough money to spend and you want to look smart i advise you to go for step 1 & step 2 but if your budget is moderate and you want to look smart then  opt for step 4.

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