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What Not To Wear To Dates


What Not To Wear To Dates

People say love i s blind, now it is time not to be blind on what you have to wear to a date, because the way you dress will tell a lot about you. For men , simply play it cool but fashionable, just be your self. For example, you can wear a navy blue polo t-shirt with white fitting chinos and boat shoes which have a navy blue upper leather and a white sole that will match with the white chinos. For ladies, you can wear a yellow casual short dress with a brown slim belt and brown wedge sandals. But their some fashion trends you can not wear to a date, for example , do not wear a maxi dress to a date, then guys you should not wear a suit to a date, it will make you look over serious and women do not like very serious men.

Below are steps on what not to wear to dates.

Step 1: Guys, do not wear baggy jeans showing off your boxer pants to a date.  Guys if you have a date with a hot girl, do not make a mistake of wearing like a gangsta on streets on Chicago. Showing off your boxer pants will simply mean that your life is not balanced and you completely have no responsibility over your life. To look representable, you can wear straight fit denim blue jeans with a dress shirt and a vest. Then wear cravat tie with your dress shirt and dress boots with your jeans.

What Not To Wear To Dates

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Step 2: Girls, do not wear a maxi dress on your first date. You need to look attractive on your fisrt date so do not wear these maxi dresses, because they will make you look older than usual. If you want to look attractive so that he gets no second choice of finding another date on the next table, then wear a short  casual dress which is just 1 inch above your knees. For example, you can wear a white dress with a red slim belt over the dress, and wear red wedge sandals to create a match with the red belt.

Step 3: Women, do not wear ripped jeans to a date. This could be your last chance to find a man of your dreams and you do not want to waste this chance. So make sure you wear responsibly and win his heart on the first sight. If you want to wear jeans to date, then you can wear a high waisted denim jean with a slim top well tucked in the jeans, then wear a half vest over the top.  You can wear wedge sandals with this high waisted jeans.

Step 4: Women, avoid too much make up on a date. Not all men want to date plastic beauty, try to be your self so that he likes you for who you are. Why do you wear all those layers of make up which will fade away after the date. For those who love lipstick, this is not the time for lipsticks, unless when on the first time you met, you were wearing lipstick and he liked it. You can go for lip-gloss to keep your lips wet and attractive to be kissed.

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