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When To Wear Dangling Earrings


Dangling Earrings are exceptional jewelry made from different colors, lengths  to suit the end user and ready to use as desired.They good for parties, small functions and some for formal purposes. You can wear them with pants , dresses  short and maxi dresses.Its the kind of jewelry that doesn’t run off fashion so once purchased the right earring  is can take u for some time therefore value for money.

Below are steps to When To Wear  Dangling Earrings

Step1.Look great in  long silver Dangling Earring  that glisters  to coordinate it with a black sleeveless maxi dress  to pair it with silver heeled dress shoes then finish with a silver unique bag and a nice hair style to embrace your outfit.Dress it on great occasions like parties, weddings, on valentines day  even on your first visit to your spouse’s parents.You will look fabulous and great for the day.

BUDGET:Sexy Rhinestone 2 Line Long Dangling Earrings  by Western Fashions to cost you $12.34,SLEEVELESS V-NECK DRESS  to go for $68.00,Alexis Fashion 1523 Evening Bag  to cost at $29.99,Coloriffics Women’s Desire Pump to cost you. $80.56. The total cost will be $246.33

Step2.Wear long dangling earrings teamed in pink and silver then match them with a blue a white strapless tube dress to finish with high heeled pink dress shoes  then spice it with a long beaded pink necklace around your bust  with a nice hair style for compliments.

Step3.Dress in a long silver star earrings with a tunic blue mini dress  then match with silver high heeled dress shoes to finish with a silver bag and bracelets to compliment your outfit.

Step4.Wear long maroon dangling earrings with a sleeveless mini dress that reach knees under a black short blazer that cover the bust are then match it with black high heeled dress shoes to finish with a unique maroon bag  for compliments. Wear it on less formal occasions  and get together s.

Note:Dangling earrings are complimentary accessory that shouldn’t miss out of any good outfit be it dresses short and maxi, tunic tops wedding gowns , pants  and African wear kitenges.

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