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What To Wear When Its Cold


What To Wear When Its Cold

You need to stay warm during cold days. So you will need to wear warmth providing clothes like sweaters, cardigans , scarfs, and jackets. If you do not cover your body during very cold days, you might end with pneumonia. You need to wear sweaters and scarves during cold days. Also cover babies and kids  with a pashmina so that they stay warm. Each part of your body requires to equal warmth. You can wear Ugg boots to provide warmth to the feet. Wear glove s to provide warmth to the hands, and wear beanie to provide warmth to the head. Get detailed steps on what to wear when its cold.

What To Wear When Its Cold

Step 1: You can wear a leather jacket over a cardigan when it is too cold. During winter, temperatures will fall to Zero degrees, so you will need to keep your body temperature. In this case you will need to wear a leather jacket with a cardigan to get extra warmth during such coldness.Lets use the example from the image below. The lady wore a black leather jacket over a gray cardigan. Then she matched her out fit with a skinny denim blue jean. The black boots matched very well with the black jacket yet her feet wear also getting enough warmth. A the beanie is also warming her head, as the gray scarf is warming the neck.


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Step 2: You can also wear UGG boots during cold days. These boots will warm your feet. So to look stylish, you can wear a skinny jeans with your Ugg boots, then wear a sweatshirt , you can as well wear a cardigan or a tweed jacket over the sweatshirt for extra warmth. A scarf is essential during cold days, it provide warmth to the neck.

Step 3: You can as well wear kneeehigh boots during cold days. Buy boots which have a wool lining on the inside, then wear them with woolen tights, you can wear a short denim skirt over the woolen tights, then wear a sweater or drape cardigan as the top. Make sure you wear a scarf or pashmina around your beck, and gloves to warm your hands.

Step 4: For men, you can wear a winter jacket when it is too cold. To look smart, you can wear a black and white flannel shirt with black straight feet jeans. Then wear a coffee brown wither jacket over your outfit, the jacket has to be long at least below draping below the knees. Then wear black gloves to warm the hands and a cotton scarf to warm the neck.

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