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What To Wear With Clogs


What Can You Wear  With Clogs

Clogs have been made popular by top models on fashion shows, they are known for being very strong and long lasting. though they have a funny design. Many chicks wear clogs in different ways, some wear them with very short skirts, others wear them chinos, others wear them with shorts or skirts. So you wounder what to wear with your clogs. See steps below.

What To Wear With Clogs

Step 1: You can wear clogs with skinny khaki pants, i like the way the skinny khaki sits on the clogs,lets get an example fro the lady in the middle. She wore a cream leather vest with an olive green skinny khaki and black clogs. The combination of a cream leather jacket with an olive green skinny pant is very nice. On the right, the lady who wore clogs with a blue dress, tried to wear a long black cardigan over the blue dress, though the one in the middle looks better and fabulous.

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Step 2: You can wear clogs with short casual dress. Clogs differ in style, wear an elegant clog with a classic casual dress. Make sure the color of the clog matches with the color of the dress. To look fabulous like the lady below, you can accessorize with crafty long necklace and bangles on the hands.

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Step 3: You can as well wear clogs with pants, this is a fashionable formal way of wearing clogs. I like the way the lady in the picture below matched her clogs with lime blue pants and a white top. This is one of the best way to wear clogs. The pants are pointed not flared , so they match with the clogs.

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