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When To Wear A Brown Suit


A Brown Suit is among the best suits apart from navy blue , black, for men that is worn for official purposes, special occasions and great for casual. You need to know which dress shirts works well with brown to achieve better looks. Of course white, pink, light purple, cream, striped white and brown dress shirt. Remember to wear brown suit with  brown dress shoes and brown socks or match the colour of shirt with the socks.

Below are steps to When To Wear A Brown Suit

Step1.Look gentle and sleek with a white long sleeved dress shirt paired with a unique tie teamed in white with brown stripes floral prints under a brown coat  with the pocket square in the same colour of the tie  to match with  brown pant and brown belt  then conclude with light brown socks and brown dress shoes for a perfect touch of class as below in the pictorial.

Step2.Look good is  cream long sleeved dress shirt paired with a cream tie striped with white , black and light brown under a brown coat with a pocket square  teamed also in cream, white stripes and light crown to match with brown pants  then accessorize with brown pants to complete with cream socks ans brown dress shoes  for compliments. Wear this outfit at all occasions and you will stand out of the crowd.

Step3.Wear a brown suit  with a purpose of looking good if you match it with a light purple long sleeved dress shirt  to match with a light brown tie  to spice with a black watch  to match with brown pants and a brown belt then conclude with light brown socks   to compliment with brown dress shoes . Command respect in this outfit men all the time you wear it.

Step4.Look classic men wearing a white long sleeved dress shirt paired with a white and brown striped tie  under a light brown coat to match with light brown pants and brown belt to match pants then complete with white socks  and brown dress shoes for a professional look.

Note:Wear a cream long sleeved dress shirt with a light brown tie  striped with brown stripes  to match with coffee crown coat  with a pocket square  in the same colours as the tie then add chocolate crown pants to finish with white socks with brown dress shoes for gentlemen look.

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