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How to wear beret knit


Stylish Ways To  Wear beret knit

A knitted Beret hat is a knitted hat usually worn in cold days, made in various colors and materials. A Beret is not supposed to be tightened on the head, the ones that tighten the head are called knit caps. The traditional hat of  Basque shepherds has been worn for many years now by both men and women since the early 20s or so.
Step 1: Just leave your hair left out or if when my hair was a bit longer in a side ponytail. Wear the beret in a slouchy way, don’t pull the beret tightly over your head. Leave the beret slouchy and loose. Tilt it back on your head or on the sides. You can wear a knit beret with open tops or a top dress of any bright color, wear black leggings because they are neutral on anything and heals or flat shoes depending on what makes you comfortable. Then a bag matching with either the shoes or the color of the beret will come handy for an outing.

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Step 2: Frame the face by leaving your hair down and placing the beret an inch or so past your hairline. You can add value to its look with a flower or other accessory to pimp your outfit. is is a look that is most often seen today. Check yourself out again in the mirror.

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Step3: Try a knit beret first. Knit berets  are less stiff and are more likely to lay the way you expect. There is another option to the French beret, which is a little bit more of a cap style. It sits straight up on your head to tilt over to the sides of eye just like a soldier.Berets look nice on white shirt ant a slim tie, a  cotton Blue Vest. with a Zip Hood Coat  for Men on top.Finish it all up with Slip-On shoes.

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Step 4. Knit beret are mostly worn in leisure, you would look weird if you wear office attire and team it up with beret on the head. It mostly looks nice on Open tops with denim jeans and tights for women, you can also match it with flats, heels or any nice shoes comparing this rest of your outfit on that day, well good luck.
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