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How to wear beanies with short hair


Stylish Ways To  Wear beanies with short hair

Beanie is a popular type of headgear which has its roots in the bronze age, where it was worn by Etruscans and Minoans.The beanie’s origins seem to be in the United States around the early 1900s. It has gone through quite a metamorphosis over the years into the style worn today.

Step 1. As per the military regulations, beret colors like green, tan and maroon are given to the soldiers without the authority to wear black beret. On a lighter note though, wearing beret is the latest fashion trend that you must have already noticed. For women wear a yellow pencil short skirt, just one inch above the knee, and a black short sleeve top, with a tie scarf which has both yellow and black strips and then a matching beanie, then close up with black heels, or ankle heel bootsBUDGET:  White Platform Open Toe Ankle Boot – 13 will cost $68.00, Red Dot Womens Long Sleeve Draped Body Top will cost $64.00, NEW CUFF BLACK Beanie Visor Skull Cap HAT USA go for $1.30 making a total of $133.3 All costs quoted from AMAZON>>>>>

Step 2. Today, a beanie has become the most essential headgear and the trademark of winter clothing. You must have seen numerous fashionistas flaunting berets of various materials and styles with utmost panache. You can wear short tight purple dress, accessorize with silver necklace because silver look good with purple, then a silver hang bag, and a purple ankle heels.

Step 3. Women, also jeans shorts with patterned leggings or stockings with the beanie are really nice especially for spring or summer, and so are plain shirts, floral prints, and leather jackets. You can as well wear a tank top and a cardigan that matches with the beanie . Or wear a long sleeved shirt with a vest or denim jacket or leather jacket just on top.

Step 4. Well, you don’t really need to be a fashion victim to learn the best way to wear a beanie. All that you need to do is to keep reading the following section of the article that deals on how to wear a beanie in the most stylish way!

Beanie Visored-Black

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