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How To Wear Barrettes


Stylish Ways To  Wear Barrettes

Barrettes are commonly used as clips to hold hair into one place. You can wear barrettes on a pony tail as a flower and  on top of the head. Some barrettes are made of plain metal, some are decorated with beads, ribbons or fabric. The volume of hair on your head and style will determine which size of barrette you will need to wear with your hair. See steps of how to wear barrettes in a fashionable way.

How To Wear Barrettes

Step 1: Wear barrette on a long pony tail, you can use a barrette to hold your hair at the back especially when you have a long pony tail. Simply gather the pony tail and clip one barrette at a time in a stylish way. Start with big barrettes on the top and complete with small barrette at the end of the pony tail. Before wearing barrette on your long pony tail, make sure the hair is straightened well with a flat iron and apply smoothing hair cream to make it soft.

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Step 2: Wear a barrette on top of your hair so that you pull some hair to the sides. If you want to hold some of your hair on side but you still want it to drape on the back, simply clip a barrette on the volume of hair you want to drape on the side with the other hair on the head. Metallic barrettes are good for this job. See this image below.

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Step 3: Wear a beret on a short pony tail. In this case make a short ponytail on the back of your hair and clip a small barrette on top of the pony tail to keep the tail stable.

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