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How To Wear Bandana


Stylish Ways To  Wear Bandana

Bandana are worn by both men and women for various reasons. Musicians especially African American musicians  have promoted this bandana and the trend has been copied by all young-stars who want to wear like these favorite artists.
How To Wear Bandana

Step 1: You can wear a bandana in your hair. Simply fold the bandana into a triangular shape and drape it on top of your hair. Then hold the ends of  the bandana and tie it below you hair. Let the triangular shape drape backwards on the hair. Make sure you match the colors of the bandana with the colors of your outfit. Do not wear bandana on a suit.

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Step 2: Wear a bandanna over your hair. Most women use this style when they want to protect their hair from dust.  You will need a big bandana for this style. Simply fold the bandana and put it the forehead, then drape it on the  top of your hair, hold both end and tie it from the back of the head as a pony tail.

Step 3: Wear a bandana around the Neck, this is most common with scarves, but also banadanas can be worn around the neck as a fashionable way. Fold the bandana as a triangle then hold both sharp ends and tie the bandana around the net and slightly tie a knot from behind.

Step 4: Wear a bandana on the wrist, this is very common with musucians and gangstars. Fold the bandana in a traingle form and wrap it around the arm, Make sure the triangle shape is facing upwards then tie a small knoe below the hand.

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