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What To Wear When It’s 60 Degrees


What To Wear When  It’s 60 Degrees

At 60 degrees the temperature is moderate, not so hot and not very cold. So you can wear some light clothes and get rid of those heavy winter jackets. Though temperatures change during the day, you can carry a cardigan or sweater with you, if you suspect some rain, then an umbrella will be essential. You can wear skinny jeans with sweatshirts, wear short dresses with tights or leggings and Ugg boots. Get a detailed steps on what to wear when it’s 60 degress.

What To Wear When It’s 60 Degrees

Step 1: You can wear a denim short when it’s 60 degrees.Their is some sunlight out their so wearing a short will not be a bad idea. To look smart , we can use the example from the image below. Simply wear a white long sleeve casual top with your denim blue shorts. Then you can wear white wedge sandals to match with the white top. To accessorize you can wear a long crafty necklace and some bangles.

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Step 2: You can also wear skinny jeans with a white top when it is 60 degrees. Jeans can work in all weather, so you can wear a denim skinny jean with a white top, then wear a black cardigan to keep you warm and black ballet flats  to match with the black cardigan. You can as well wear a scarf over the neck so that you extra warmth.

Step 3: You can as well wear a dress when it is 60 degrees. In this case the dress can be short so that you look stylish. You can wear a teal casual dress with black leggings to keep you warm. Then wear black ballet flats since they match well with the teal dress and the leggings. You also wear a black square scarf around your neck for extra warmth. If you want to accessorize, then black jewelery will match with the teal dress.

Step 4: You can wear boyfriend jeans when it is 60 degrees. These baggy jeans will keep you warm yet they are stylish jeans. You can wear a long sleeved t-shirt with your boyfriend jeans, then wear vans or converse shoes. To look stylish, you can fold the jeans up to the ankles. If at all it gets very cold, wear a cardigan over the long sleeved t-shirt.

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