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Different Ways To Wear Head Scarf


Different Ways To Wear Head Scarf – ZIGOTI

There  numerous ways to wear a Head Scarf in style. There is a moslem way called the hijab. The Hijab is tied in several stylish ways  as shown below to mention a few.Moslem women have a rule of wearing the hijab but with may stylish ways a hijab can make you a have perfect loos. Women wear it with maxi dresses, moslem sharia dresses or with long sleeved tops to cover their bodies paired with long skirts.

Below are steps to Different Ways To Wear Head Scarf – ZIGOTI

Step1.Dress a hijab  with a purpose of keeping  your religious  faith  and culture at the same time.Look unique in a brown and gold teamed hijab in the pictorial below with beaded long necklace in brown to match your attire then accessorize with a brown sharia maxi dress to finish with medium heeled dress shoes in brown and a matching  bag to complete your matches.


Step2.Mix a light purple and green pashmina light scarf together  and wrap them on your head and below neck  and let the forehead  be visibly seen then match them with a light green  sharia  maxi dress to spice with bracelets and heeled black dress shoes for compliments.

Step3.You can also look nice with a multi colored hijab in white , maroon and pink  to match with a maxi black dress then add a long sleeved  short jean jacket to finish with light brown wedge dress shoes to compliment with a trendy bag in black .

Step4.Look beautiful in a black hijab  to match with a long  wide sleeved  maxi long sharia in black to finish with heeled white dress shoes to complete with a trendy bag in white.Add white bracelets and  long silver necklace to improve your looks.

Note:You can wear a black hijab  on your head first then followed by a zebra scarf on top of the black one and tie them at one side of the shoulder, let it drape feelingly then  spice with a long sleeved top in black with a pull neck  under  a white long sleeved jacket to finish with black pants and heeled dress shoes in white to complete your attire.

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