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Which Shoes Go With A White Dress


White is a such a pure color to wear with any thing bold be it a dress or anything. It looks cool  and perfect for any match.Name any color  that teams with white and you will find that the answer is at your finger tip. Here is a list of the numerous colors that coordinate with white.Black. purple, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, Red, Yellow, Coffee brown, to mention a few.

Below Are Steps To Which Shoes Go With A White Dress

Step1.Babes look fabulous in a short sleeved  v neck white dress  that reach knees. fitted and elastic at the waist  and round from the waist to knees to spice  it with purple bracelets, purple long earrings ,  and a trendy bag to complete your outfit.Wear purple hair  just spotted  not the entire head.Add purple nail polish, purple lip shine  to rock with your nice figure just to party.

Which Shoes Go With A White Dress

Which Shoes Go With A White Dress

Step2.Look fashionable with a white Satin Zebra Peep-Toe Pumps Stiletto below in the pictorial that looks Super sassy and a definite show-stopper to match with a short sleeved  maxi dress, fitted at the bust with a v neck and free from waist to bottom to spice with a medium black belt to wear around the waist , accessorize it with  black bracelets, long black beaded necklace, short black earrings to complete with a nice hair style and look like a celebrity. Take a walk on the wild side with these sexy zebra print heels to catch peoples eyes.

Step3.Red has bounced back as a bold color that goes well with bold outfits.Wear a white sleeveless dress that reach knees  and free from the waist to knees under a red short blazer that reach the bust. To spice with red edge dress shoes  to complete outfit with red bracelets,  and short red earrings to compliment with a nice hair do. Red wedge dress shoes go well with shorter people because it raises them up a bit. for taller people it makes them more  taller. Try your self in the mirror to prove your smart  and haven’t crushed colors.

Step4.Look great for casual  with a white short sleeved  maxi  dress with v neck  with  appropriate fitting at the bust.To look good with any outfit you need to wear exact fitting at the top. It has to have panels  from the waist to bottom  then complete outfit with  brown open strapped flat dress shoes that tie at ankle sides with a brown small bag to grace your outfit. This outfit goes well with taller people,as in there’s no problem with taller people wearing maxi dress  but if your a bit short and you wear a maxi dress with flats you will tend to be shorter and won’t look good.

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Which Shoes Go With A White Dress











Which Shoes Go With A White Dress

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