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Which Shoes Go With Pants?


These days, the world of fashion has become so fluid that one should be careful before concluding whether one kind of dress or outfit is actually a female or male exclusive preserve.. This is because unisex outfits have almost erased the old culture cum religious borderline drawn between the two sexes fashion wise, with rapid haste. And it seems there is nothing anyone can do about it because the trend is visible everywhere including places of worship.

Pants are unisex outfits which have become very popular among fashionable women and men the world over. But because they come in assorted colors, it is difficult to pigeon holed all categories of shoes that will go well with pants of all colors. Consequently, two of the pant’s color types, Grey Pants and Harem Pants will take the center stage here because the former is unisex while the latter is very popular with women.

Pants with loose bottoms and fitting leg detail are the classy outfits christened Harem Pants. Both the curvy and slender women look comfortable and splendid in Harem Pants. Though Harem Pants come in different colors to match with unique tops in different colors, they go well with open toed cris cross dress shoes in all colors. On the other hand, Grey Pants for both women and men go perfectly well with black dress shoe. So also is Grey dress shoes in flats and heels and white dress shoes.

Men can wear Grey pants formally and can also wear them as casuals. In both situations, formal and casual shoes can be worn by men for perfect looks. As for women, both the young and old can put on Grey pants with flat dress shoes in either black, grey, and heeled shoes spiced with other accessories.

Black heels are neutral dress shoes and they can be a good match for any color for women. Black heel dress shoes go well with pants and also go well with casual, formal, special functions and even funeral outfits. Women look stylish putting on black Harem pants with a sleeveless black top complete with heeled open toed black dress shoes. This outfit can make you a stunning head turner at decent functions.

Men can put on Grey pant for both formal and casual purposes with formal and casual shoes, while women can wear grey pants with flat dress and black heeled shoes.

Which Shoes Go With Pants

Men in Grey pants can also combine the right accessories with brown dress shoes for perfect looks while women in Grey pants for formal purposes can wear black formal black shoes. Look cute women in grey pants teamed with grey heeled dress shoes with red sole to match is a winner any day.

Women in Harem pants can go well with open toed criss cross dress shoes in all colors, heeled ankle boots and pump dress shoes. Also, a well accessorizes woman in Harem pants can be fantastic with open toed black flat dress shoes with criss cross straps.

There are many kinds and types of shoes that match both the Grey pants and Harem Pants from which you can still pick your choice.

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